Excavation Shoring

MKA considers excavation shoring as a tool for soils management design. As such, we execute shoring engineering as part of our site design effort. Our knowledge of existing utilities and infrastructure minimizes interference between tiebacks and utilities, particularly in urban locations. Skilled at coordinating multiple shoring solutions, MKA excels in complex and large shoring designs.

Excavation shoring design technologies available at MKA include the following:

  • Helping the design team understand the risks associated with alternative types of shoring (soldier pile and tieback, soil nailing, ground freezing, etc.) to facilitate an informed decision on the best approach for the project.
  • Working with project teams and city permitting agencies to help projects acquire early permits and begin excavation as soon as possible.
  • Providing shoring input as both a soils management “necessity” and an important piece of design.  Examples include coordinating soldier pile locations with final architectural plan geometry or tieback rows with basement slabs.
For more information on our Excavation Shoring Services, contact:
Matt Jones
Senior Principal