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09.25.2014 — This year, MKA is sponsoring the Community Enhancement Program put on by NAIOP’s Washington State Chapter.  Each year, NAIOP Washington selects an improvement project, supported by donations of time, money, materials, and expertise.   This year’s project is Camp Waskowitz in North Bend, WA, a facility built during the Great Depression and named a National History Place in 1993.  The camp has been a valuable community resource for 80 years and is now in need of some NAIOP TLC. For those interested in volunteering, project work is set for October 4th from 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Visit NAIOP’s website for more details.

» NAIOP ’s 2014 Community Enhancement Project

09.13.2014 — After months of planning and coordination, MKA volunteers completed their first community service project for Lettuce Link at Marra Farm in south Seattle.  The farm, one of the last historic agricultural plots in Seattle, was in need of two things:  first, a Mushroom Shack, where the farm could cultivate a variety of edible mushrooms.  Second, a secure and portable Market Stand, which would allow the farm to sell produce to the residents of South Park, where fresh, organic produce is a rarity.  Volunteers from all departments at MKA set out to design and build both projects with financial support from the company and logisitcal help from SeattleWorks.

While the design and planning of the projects took several months, 35 MKA volunteers successfully built both projects in one (very long) day.  Excellent work, everyone!

» MKA Community Service Project at Marra Farm

08.11.2014 — Over the sunny weekend, MKA hosted the firm’s annual Summer Picnic.  This year, engineers and their families gathered at Woodland Park Zoo for a picnic, animal encounters, face painting, and games.

» 2014 MKA Summer Picnic at Woodland Park Zoo

07.28.2014 — This month, MKA participated in Food Lifeline’s annual “Food Frenzy,” a two-week competition between local businesses to raise funds to combat summertime hunger. This campaign encourages participating businesses to create their own fundraising and team building activities. No stranger to creative solutions, MKA engineers worked together to raise over $6,600 to benefit Food Lifeline, placing the firm third overall in the Design and Construction Category.

In addition to annual MKA staples like jeopardy competitions, “tailgate toss” matches, and bake sales, some highlights from this year’s Food Frenzy include:

- MKA Arcade: engineers competed for high score on arcade classics like Pac-Man, played on an “old school” video game console created by Robert Baxter, Senior Associate at MKA

- Food Bank Night: engineers volunteered at Food Lifeline’s Shoreline Repack Center, making over 8,000 meals possible

- Spare Change Competition: specialist groups teamed up to compete in a unique spare change competition, which resulted in about about 160 pounds of change!

» Food Lifeline Food Frenzy 2014

06.23.2014 — On June 19, 2014, MKA engineers Jordan Jarrett and Kevin Aswegan shook things up at the Museum of Flight’s STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Camp: Wonderous Waves.  Speaking to 6th and 7th graders, they discussed the waves of motion associated with earthquakes and tools for understanding the effects of earthquake motion,  including plate tectonics, seismic waves, measurement of earthquakes, and the faults affecting Seattle. The campers engaged in several hands-on actives, including making seismic waves out of slinkies, creating their own “earthquakes” by jumping around an accelerometer, and building candy structures that were tested on a shake table.

» MKA at the Museum of Flight STEM Camp, Wonderous Waves

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