Minneapolis Convention Center and Expansion

Minneapolis, MN
  • Design Award (Minneapolis Convention Center), Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute
  • Honor Award - Engineering Excellence Awards (Minneapolis Convention Center), American Consulting Engineers Council
  • Honorable Mention - Engineering Excellence Awards (Minneapolis Convention Center), Consulting Engineers Council of Washington
  • Winner, Seven Wonders of Engineering Award - 2002 Seven Wonders of Engineering Awards Competition, Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers
74,322-m² (800,000-ft²) convention center featuring three 64-m (210-ft) lamella steel domes followed by a later 60,387-m² (650,000-ft²) expansion with the addition of a fourth dome. The 27 m (90 ft) high domes were constructed on the ground and lifted into place, and are supported by just four columns each. The expansion area houses a world-class, 3,433 fixed-seat auditorium capable of breaking into four separate sections through the use of three 20.7-m- (68-ft-) diameter rotating turntable sections of auditorium seating.
ARCHITECT: Minneapolis Convention Center Collaborative [an association of LMN Architects, Leonard Parker Associates (now PDI World Group), and Setter Leach & Lindstrom (now Leo A. Daly)]
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