San Francisco, CA
  • 2022 Best Projects Award of Merit - Residential/Hospitality, ENR California

A multi-phased, residential development consisting of a 24-story, 29,357-m² (316,000-ft²) tower with 440 units; a 23-story, 32,516-m² (350,000-ft²) tower with 418 units; a 20-story, 49,891-m² (537,024-ft²) L-shaped tower with 541 units; and an 18-story, 78,968-m² (850,000-ft²) tower with 500 units, all immediately adjacent to a BART tunnel.  The development surrounds a 27.4-m- (90-ft-) tall "Venus" statue for which MKA provided the structural frame design, located on a central courtyard site over the below-grade parking. MKA’s highly efficient and repetitive structural design gave the architect the flexibility to create buildings with active, articulated exterior appearances yet internal uniformity. The project is the largest residential development in the city.

ARCHITECT: Arquitectonica
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