Low-Impact Design

MKA has been a leader in sensitive-site and natural-systems-based stormwater designs long before standardization with the low-impact design (LID) movement and other programs. Our civil engineering focus has always been on designing systems that respond to site programming requirements in a manner that is intuitive, not forced. This typically results in solutions with less environmental impact than a “conventional” approach, even when LID is not specifically pursued. For projects with lofty LID goals, MKA leads the industry in the development and application of LID best-management practices.

Low-impact design technologies available at MKA include the following:

  • A full spectrum of civil solutions embodied in our proven “Best Management Practices,” including green roofs, stormwater planters, bioretention gardens, etc., which can often be integrated with minimal added cost.
  • Proprietary data from our pioneering Green Roof Evaluation Project, which provides stormwater modeling predictions and field-verified runoff reduction findings to underpin our analysis of Best Management Practices in climatic regions across the United States.
  • Unique 3-D visualizations to aid  owners, permitters, and designers in understanding and accommodating LID strategies.
For more information on our Low-Impact Design Services, contact:
Matt Jones
Senior Principal