Site Infrastructure Planning

MKA balances green solutions with conventional infrastructure awareness when planning the site infrastructure for a new project. Recognizing that “no site is an island” when it comes to influences from immediate and neighborhood surroundings, MKA’s holistic approach to site planning considers the individual site’s situation within each civil infrastructure’s continuum (e.g., the watershed, topo-shed, sewershed, drinking watershed, etc.).  Balancing the values of conventional infrastructure systems and those of new, decentralized green strategies, our planning efforts ensure your project site is efficient, cost-effective, and intuitive.

Site infrastructure design technologies available at MKA include the following:

  • Leveraging of watershed elements surrounding a given site to identify value opportunities and  work with nature rather than against it.
  • Identifying supply and demand for excavated soil on a project site to reduce soil transportation and disposal costs while meeting project needs.
  • Going beyond traditional stormwater management to plan for all types of water resourcefulness, including rainwater, greywater, and blackwater, through investigation of infiltration, retention, detention, harvesting, and reuse.
For more information on our Site Infrastructure Planning Services, contact:
Matt Jones
Senior Principal