Strategic Water Planning

More and more, new building projects are considering some level of water self-sufficiency as skyrocketing water and sewer rates make on-site water reuse, and even on-site sewage treatment, more cost-effective than buying these services from the public utility. MKA is at the cutting edge of this new movement with our proprietary "Sustainable Water Analysis Tool." Using data specific to your project, we can pinpoint the payback year and long-term savings of alternative water strategies, including harvesting, reuse, and on-site sewage treatment. 

Strategic water planning technologies available at MKA include the following:

  • Pinpointing a project’s water use and future associated utility costs considering the specific site, use, and program.
  • Analyzing project-specific water inputs and outputs to identify opportunities for reuse employing our proprietary "Sustainable Water Analysis Tool."
  • Comparing a project’s future utility rates to the initial cost of implementing water reuse strategies to  provide a yearly cost comparison and determine the payback on the initial investment.
For more information on our Strategic Water Planning Services, contact:
Matt Jones
Senior Principal