Vibration Engineering

Mitigating annoying vibrations is an important design consideration in all buildings but a key component in highly sensitive environments such as healthcare and laboratory facilities. Design guides exist to aid in the evaluation of vibration. However, at MKA, we have developed our own advanced analytical methods that have been substantiated through 20 years of on-site measurements gathered by MKA engineers. Using this approach, we have greatly refined the ability to predict performance, resulting in designs that more efficiently meet desired performance criteria.

Vibration mitigation technologies available at MKA include the following:

  • Mitigation of vibrations caused by instantaneously applied loads; slow, medium, and fast walking, and rhythmic activities such as dancing.
  • Assessment and mitigation of vibrations impacting any location or application, including:
    • Grand stairs
    • Sensitive medical equipment, such as MRIs, CT scans, etc.
    • Sensitive lab equipment, such as bench microscopes
    • Long-span meeting areas, ballrooms, pedestrian concourses, etc.
    • Long-span cantilevers
    • Office floors
For more information about our Vibration Engineering services, contact:
Derek Beaman
P.E., S.E.
Senior Principal