Wind Engineering

Response to strong winds is the design driver for the vast majority of MKA’s tall buildings. In the past 10 years, MKA has designed more than 225 buildings over 30 stories tall, including many in hurricane- and typhoon-prone regions. Utilizing advanced analysis techniques substantiated by MKA field-monitored tall building results, we provide design solutions that meet the desired performance in an innovative and refined manner.

Wind design technologies available at MKA include the following::

  • Advanced analytical tools that estimate human perception to motion for a given wind environment before undertaking detailed wind tunnel studies, allowing the design to progress until the final results are available.
  • Full range of material selection, structural system, and damping options, including tuned liquid "sloshing" dampers and other passive devices to control building movement and accelerations.
  • Effective use of wind tunnel results to assist in the development of the building form and refine the final design of the structure for overall stability and human comfort.
For more information on MKA’s wind engineering, contact:
John Hooper
P.E., S.E.
Director, Earthquake Engineering