An Overview

Structural and Civil Consulting Engineers.
MKA’s passion is creating structural systems for buildings of all shapes, sizes, and complexities and civil site and infrastructure designs for architectural projects. In addition to traditional structural and civil engineering services, we offer enhanced expertise in seismic, wind, vibration, existing building, performance-based, and blast engineering and site strategies for low-impact design, site infrastructure planning, strategic water planning, and excavation shoring.

By organizing our 195-person staff into specialist groups representing 13 facility types and 16 technical areas, MKA delivers highly targeted expertise.  Our clients work with design leaders who know their project type inside and out.

MKA is headquartered in Seattle and has designed projects in 48 states and 62 countries (and counting). We also have a branch office in Chicago. The majority of our employees and design efforts are based out of Seattle, to maximize collaboration and resources.

Architects, owners, developers, and contractors seek out MKA for many reasons, including our “blur-the-lines” approach to knowledge and idea sharing. This proactive participation often generates the comment, “We’ve never worked with engineers like you before.”

We have dedicated the last 103 years to developing safe, highly functional, innovative designs that withstand the test of time, representing more than $100 billion worth of projects worldwide.

Award Winning. 
MKA has been presented with a top national ACEC engineering design award (the most significant recognition by our peers) 33 times in the last 36 years–three times more than any competitor engineering firm in the United States. Collectively, our projects have won over 550 awards from a variety of industry organizations.

Our engineers are active leaders throughout the A/E profession—heading technical organizations, developing new codes, performing research, teaching classes, speaking internationally, and more—all in the interest of advancing the state of the art and improving the built environment.

If it can be done, MKA can do it.