Everything at MKA, up to and including the leadership team, is structured to provide the highest value to clients. Just as our staff engineers are organized into specialist groups according to facility type, so are our most senior leaders devoted to a particular type as a "Design Leader." This focus of organization and energies means that in MKA, clients have access to the most comprehensive and cutting-edge knowledge and approach possible for their specific designs.

Our Design Leaders are hands on from project start through completion and, as MKA’s most senior staff, carry the full resources and commitment of the firm behind them. They are also ready to answer your questions or discuss their facility type in more detail and can be reached out of our Seattle headquarters.

Additional strength of leadership at MKA can be found in our Principal Group, Department Heads, and Office Leaders.  As a collective, we are inspired daily to create a better world. Read more here about our involvement throughout the A/E/C industry.

With Leadership In All We Do