Salesforce Tower

San Francisco, CA

A 61-story, 130,000-m² (1.4-million-ft²) performance-based seismic design office tower connecting directly to the Salesforce Transit Center, Salesforce Tower is the tallest building west of the Mississippi River (based on highest occupied floor). The iconic tower is the first performance-based seismic design commercial office building in California and anchors the redevelopment of San Francisco’s Transbay neighborhood. The developer’s goals included wide-open office space with column-free leasing bays and corners without any structural encumbrances typical of other tall buildings—in other words, no outriggers, no belt trusses, no buckling-restrained seismic braces, no dampers of any kind were are included. The tower is 326 m (1,070 ft) tall and sits on complex soil strata and is approximately 8 miles from the San Andreas Fault.

ARCHITECT: Pelli Clarke Pelli, with Kendall/Heaton Associates
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