2+U (2nd and University)

Seattle, WA

91,045-m² (980,000-ft²) development with a 38-story, 65,032-m² (700,000-ft²) performance-based seismic design office tower and a street-level retail "village," all over 5 levels of below-grade parking on a sloping site. The office tower is lifted 18.3 m (60 ft) above a city street to create a large, open space for pedestrian access and landscaped terrace areas to connect the adjacent streets. The columns below the lifted tower are exposed concrete-encased steel columns in various sloping, vertical, and V-shaped layouts, and the structural system features BRB outrigger bracing and a concrete shear core. The L-shaped office tower includes an 11-story, low-rise portion on the west side of the site.


ARCHITECT: Pickard Chilton Architects
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